The High Mesa Mystic Show is looking for guests to help us get the conversations rolling.

What kinds of guests are we looking forward to speaking with?

We’re looking for guests who have been through great changes in their own lives, and found ways to be creative and productive despite the chaos and confusion that comes along with times of change.

We’re looking for entrepreneurial and creative people. Creatives with an inner belief or motivation that keeps them going regardless of what is happening around them.

We’re looking for people with a rich inner life that influences their relationships, work, choices, creations, and practices in the outside world. People whose lives have been changed by a work of art, a significant dream, or messages from their guides.

We’re looking for:

  • healers, helpers, and guides of all kinds – energy workers, shamans, psychics, coaches…. you know who you are
  • mystics, misfits, and malcontents – people that have followed their own path in one or more aspects of their lives
  • exoconscious creatives – people who have been changed by contact with non-human consciousness
  • artists, musicians, entrepreneurs – people bringing new ideas and visions into the world

What’s the show about?

We share stories of trials, triumphs, and transformation as we navigate times of great change.

Topics we’ll cover may include:

  • Healing self & others in ways that embrace a deeper sense of our spiritual nature;
  • Creativity & bringing new paradigms to life despite volatile times;
  • Inner & outer guidance to help us gain clarity, insight, and light the way forward.

Guests will include healers, helpers, and guides of all kinds, artists, musicians, and entrepreneurs, along with experiencers, and exoconscious humans to help us expand our understanding of our place in the Universe.

Along the way, we’ll be sure to stay grounded and connected to all that makes us human and nourishes the soul – including joy, humor, art, music, and gratitude.

Why Me? I have never been on a podcast before!

First and foremost – welcome to the club. You’re in good company.

Additionally — I cannot think of a better place to get started.

If you’re unsure, take your time. There’s no rush in moving forward. Likewise, I’m happy to chat with you before the interview if that would help.

As for the “why me” question – it’s because you have a story (probably MANY STORIES) that others can relate to and learn from. I believe that sharing our life experiences is a core way that we have developed as a species. You may not be able to imagine how your story could possibly help someone else, but trust me when I say – you can change someone’s life for the better, even if you never know. So many people feel isolated and alone, like they are the only ones who have experienced the things that they have gone through.

If you have gone through something transformational and come out OK on the other side, you have a story that can help others.

Tell Me More

This is a new podcast, so listenership is low here at the start. That being said, I am committed to developing this show, and will be promoting each episode. Over time, I expect all of the episodes will gain listeners, even month down the road.

Other notes:

Do I need special equipment? No, not at all. You can record using a headset from your laptop, or by using an app on your phone. All you need is to be in a relatively quiet and relaxed place where you will not be interrupted. If an ambulance goes by outside or your dog barks at a crazy squirrel – no worries. The magic of editing can help us out in a pinch.

What if I mess up? Make a fool of myself? The interview will be recorded, then edited before publishing. I have zero interest in sharing anything that makes you look foolish. On the contrary, my goal is to help share our conversation so that we offer something informative, uplifting, and instructive for our listeners. Additionally, it may help to know that I have been talking with clients about significant life events for well over ten years now in my practice. I am entirely present when I speak with others. I am there to help guide the conversation to the best places for all involved.

Can I Promote My Practice / Book / Project? Absolutely! A key theme of this show is to share how we remain productive during crazy times. Learning from one another’s creative journeys is what this is all about. Likewise, I will share any relevant links to your work in the show notes.

Video killed the podcast star – only a few platforms support video podcasts at the moment. That being said, I’d love to do as many episodes in video as I can. It’s not a requirement at all, but give it some thought. Regardless of the published format, I’d like for the two of us to be on video while recording. So the interview would be like a zoom call (but on a different platform), even if the episode will be published as audio only. But it’s totally up to you.

No guarantees – we’re all learning as we go. If we decide to go ahead with an interview, we’ll both bring our best. However, the results cannot be guaranteed. While many interviews will result in a full and dedicated episode, others may be used for more of a “collage” style or thematic episode. If you have a strong preference and point of view about this, it’s best to let me know in advance.

Other questions? Shoot me an email at [email protected].