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  • Episode 2 – What Happened When a Mystic Interviewed ChatGPT
    In an unplanned and unexpected turn of events, my guest this week is ChatGPT. We discuss many of the same topics I look forward to talking with other guests about as this show gets rolling. What does AI have to say to us and share with us regarding the topics of societal change, consciousness, and … Read more
  • Episode 1 – Welcome to the High Mesa Mystic Show
    Hello & welcome to the first episode of the High Mesa Mystic show. This is Roger coming to you from Taos, New Mexico.   In today’s episode, I’ll be sharing more about the vision and intentions right in here in the beginning as we get this show going…  I’ll cover what this podcast is about, and … Read more
  • Exoconscious Travelers
    Exoconscious Travelers is a new oracle-style deck of cards showcasing original artwork by Roger Oney. The deck contains 44 cards inspired by impressions of interdimensional intelligence. This work combines sacred geometry and fractals to reveal out-of-this-world imagery to ignite your intuition and uplift your spirit. HIT THE BUTTON to jump over to where you … Read more
  • All Healing Is Self-Healing
    It’s so easy to forget how much power we actually have over our state of wellbeing, across all four dimensions – the physical, emotional, mental, & spiritual. Balance those and portals to higher realms begin to show themselves. When you are ready. Patience, acceptance, compassion are all keys that help move you towards these places. … Read more
  • Mushrooms
    Mushrooms are an important part of the plant medicine universe… This is a quick post with some links, articles, and videos on the topic of mushrooms and psilocybin. More info may be developed and shared here at High Mesa Mystic over time. Be sure to sign up for the newsletter if you’d like to be … Read more
  • A Strange Story About My Visit to Lily Dale and the A Word
    What’s Lily Dale? Lily Dale is a fascinating place. Lily Dale describes itself as “western New York’s home for mediumship and spiritual healing since 1879.” According to its entry in wikipedia: “Lily Dale is a hamlet, connected with the Spiritualist movement, located in the Town of Pomfret on the east side of Cassadaga Lake, next … Read more
  • Following Inner Guidance in Times of Great Change
    Have you ever found yourself at a place in life, perhaps even an uncomfortable or undesirable place, and realized — so many of my life experiences have prepared me for this? If so, then perhaps you know the mixture of emotions that can come with this realization. For me, these include gratitude, sorrow, and curiosity … Read more
  • Unusual Experiences
    Throughout the site, you may see references to “unusual experiences”. So what do I really mean by this ambiguous phrase? As you might guess, it’s simply shorthand to refer to any number of experiences a person might have that just don’t fit our current paradigm. More detailed information is provided below for site members. Examples … Read more
  • High Mesa Mystic Core Themes
    Here it is… In no particular order (for now)… the core themes that have given rise to the High Mesa Mystic! These are only meant to give you a feel for things. A glimpse of the landscape, so to speak. The real and deeper dives occur in one-to-one sessions, along with more of the materials … Read more
  • Explorations
    I am choosing now to embrace my essence (in this lifetime) as a mystic, channel for non-physical intelligence, and navigator of multidimensional energies. This is what I practice. What I do both when working with clients and for my own development. This, however, is certainly not intended to convey any notion that I have the … Read more
  • Influences
    There are a great many influences that have brought me to the place I am now with my work. In addition to the education and training listed below, I’d like to highlight a few other sources of inspiration, wisdom, and guidance: Teachers on the other side – there are masters, guides, and teachers in the … Read more
  • The Transformative Act of Looking Within
    The mysteries of life seem endless. Perhaps because they are endless. That being said, I find myself wondering at times how many of these mysteries are true mysteries – questions with no real answers, versus the kinds of mysteries created by the mind due to a false understanding of the true reality in which we … Read more
  • Ignoring Darkness Is to Live in the Dark
    Attempting to live in the light all day everyday will inevitably invite more darkness. Ignoring the darkness is to live in delusion. The funny thing about delusion is it requires energy outside of itself in order to survive. When you live in a delusional state, you will find yourself drained of all energy because so … Read more
  • Navigating Ch-Ch-Changes
    What’s It All About? Navigating change has been a central theme for both my practice as well as my own life. In both cases, the way that I navigate has increasingly relied more and more upon heart-centered communication with spirit. There are many forms and techniques for communicating with spirit. Whether or not you study … Read more