High Mesa Mystic Core Themes

Here it is… In no particular order (for now)… the core themes that have given rise to the High Mesa Mystic!

These are only meant to give you a feel for things. A glimpse of the landscape, so to speak. The real and deeper dives occur in one-to-one sessions, along with more of the materials to be provided to site members over time.

Core Themes

Everything is Energy

Every-thing is energy. Consciousness itself, however… pure awareness – this to me is something different.

Energy within the Universe is neither created nor destroyed, it merely changes form. Life energy is one of these forms of energy.

So it is important to understand that energy can be shifted, transformed, and changed. The highest good is attained when this transformation is guided by the highest degrees of conscious awareness.

Life energy can be cultivated, just as it can be depleted or given away.

Much of my work is about helping others develop specific, practical, and grounded ways to cultivate life energy, to shift problematic energy in better directions, and sometimes to simply dissolve and release it altogether.

Healings and readings with me are based on this understanding – such that what I tend to focus on is the core energy of any given situation, and specific ways that energy can be transformed to allow more light in, and to create opportunities and benefits for all involved.

The Inner Journey

Despite the various ways our attention is directed outwardly, my sense is that the true nature of life is all about the inner journey the soul takes as we grow and navigate the challenges and changes we go through from birth through death, and continue on from there. So while our outer lives are important and full of the sacred as much as the mundane – much of what I write about and work with clients on is about the inner journey.

Another way to describe this is to say that when we talk about things like “higher dimensions” or our “higher selves”, I believe we might benefit just as much if not more from orienting inwardly – seeking the inner dimensions, the inner sanctum, so to speak… and a real connection with our inner selves.

Non-Physical Intelligence & Continuity of Consciousness

I tend to avoid specific labels when discussing sources of non-physical intelligence for a simple reason – I don’t know for sure what this is about. At the same time, as an empath that has done a lot of self-work and developed my abilities to a fair degree – contact with intelligence that emanates from something outside of the self is a discernable thing.

There’s a clear overlap here when continuity of consciousness after death is taken into consideration. Do I believe that some part of us lives on after physical death?


Again, however, I will not pretend to know with absolute certainty how this really works or what it’s really all about.

Why then bring it up at all? Because I believe there is value in sharing stories, removing , stigma, and helping others to uncover the potential meaning in their experiences. Help them explore possibilities, and integrate the deep and sometimes profound learning that can come along with these types of encounters.

I have also found a great shift in how I perceive the world around me after more fully integrating the understandings that we are not alone, and that life continues beyond death.

This is a gift I feel both compelled and honored to share.

Acceptance is the Gateway to Self Mastery

Accepting Yourself As You Are is empowering and uplifting.

To reject parts of yourself is to create schisms, to literally dis-integrate. Dis-integration leads to dis-ease.

To remember your wholeness is to move towards greater states of coherence and integration.

If there are aspects of who you are that you do not like or want, the way forward is through awareness – to first accept and acknowledge these aspects – then to change them.

You cannot make empowered choices to change things you refuse to see or know.

Ignoring Darkness Is to Live in the Dark

This follows the notions above about the power of acceptance.

Attempting to be positive all day everyday, to live in the light no matter what – my sense is that this can very easily lead one to a place of disempowered ignorance, or worse.

The Supernatural is Super-Natural

The supernatural is truly super-natural. All metaphysical experiences are experiences of aspects of a broader, real reality. The true and natural reality in which we live.

If anything is unnatural, it is the false upside-down / inverted world being manufactured at a seemingly quicker and quicker pace.

Not all of what we see around us, however, is this manufactured false reality. The vast majority of the mundane is simply comprised of surface layers of the real reality.

The real-reality is perhaps a deeper, multi-dimensional, holo-fractal projection of consciousness itself.

Mystical experiences are like portals. They can be gateways to direct experiences of this larger reality. Mystical practices are ways to develop discipline in order to achieve these experiences more safely, with better boundaries, so that we can better receive and work with the information and gifts offered to us by Spirit.

The Hall of Mirrors

From my perspective, one of the keys to genuine spiritual development is to move beyond a world of concepts and theories, and into direct experience. That journey, however, often brings its own obstacles and rabbit holes.

In both the mundane reality of life on this plane and “on the path” of spiritual development, we can find ourselves in what I’ve come to refer to as the Hall of Mirrors.

At some point in time, you may find yourself surrounded by reflections and projections of your fears, ideas, concepts, and even your hopes and dreams – none of which are truly real in and of themselves.

I understand that various traditions have their own words for different versions of what I’m describing… the point isn’t the thing itself, but the awareness of how easy it can be to become distracted and lost. And more importantly – if you do end up lost in such a place, how to even know this is happening (hint: your heart always knows), and how to find your way out.

This is why my work is so often about developing heart / mind balance… understanding the power of the heart and how to use your heart as an instrument to navigate multidimensional “space”.

Additional themes emerging now or resurfacing from the past.

If you feel drawn to subscribe, you’ll likely read more at some juncture about a few of these things as well:

  • The wisdom and power of plant medicines.
  • The many pitfalls and risks associated with new age practices and beliefs.
  • My take on Power vs Force and how to move into The Upward Spiral.
  • Safe ways to practice channeling as a spiritual practice – and a few techniques borrowed from Controlled Remote Viewing to help with this.
  • Self-remembering and ways to unite, integrate, and learn from different states of consciousness that come and go across time. (Did you know that you can literally ask future-you a question, and benefit from their answer?)
  • How to re-enter a dream from a waking state in order to gather more information than originally came through in the dream.
  • Practical tips for empaths and energy workers on how to protect yourself from overwhelm and being literally flooded with energy.

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