Exoconscious Experiences

My name is Roger Oney. I am the creator and voice behind the High Mesa Mystic Show. A podcast that focuses on our human experiences as we navigate times of great change.

I would love to put together one or more episodes on the topic of Exoconsciousness. Here’s how you can help:

  1. Subscribe / follow the podcast to be notified when Exoconscious episodes come out. I’ll be sure to mention the word either in the title or early on in the episode description. Sharing those episodes would be a big help.
  2. Interested in coming on to talk about your experiences? Shoot me an email at roger@highmesamystic.com! Check out the Be My Guest page for more info.
  3. Would you be interested in sharing your story in some other format? Below are a few ideas on how to get started.

Your Story in Your Own Words

Feel free to shared your story with me in written format. You can email it to me at roger@highmesamystic.com. I may look to include your story or parts of it in a future article on the High Mesa Mystic Substack.

Record Your Story

We humans love to see and hear one another tell our stories. Have you considered sharing your insights and experiences in audio or video format?

If you’re open to having your audio or video recordings included in a future episode of the High Mesa Mystic Show, let me know! I cannot guarantee that I will be able to include it, but would love to give it a try.

Depending on how much material is submitted by our group, I might be able to create a few different types of episodes with our stories.

If you have audio or video clips, or are interested in recording yourself just for this – please shoot me an email. I can provide you with a link you can use to upload your files for me. (Emailing large files usually doesn’t go so well).

I’d also be happy to help if you need assistance with any of the technicalities of recording your story.

Ideas To Get You Started

Here are some questions you might consider answering. Consider recording your responses in separate clips (audio or video)… although you could also simply respond to any / all of these in one go. Either way would work for me.

  1. About You – provide our listeners with some context about who you are, your background, and that sort of thing.
  2. Your Exoconscious Experiences – tell our listeners about your experiences. You could focus on one experience or try to describe multiple. It’s your story, so tell it however you like. (I’ll do my best to keep everything in tact when editing and processing the material).
  3. How Do You View the Others? – what is your relationship to the visitors / others / cocreators from your experiences? Was it a one time thing, or an ongoing relationship of some kind?
  4. How Do You Feel Your Exoconscious Experiences Have Influenced Your Healing Journey, Creativity, and Spiritual Development?
  5. Anything Else? – what else would you like our listeners to know about your experiences?

Totally optional – let me know how much and what sort of contact info to share with our listeners. This can be anything from just your first name, to email address, website, and social media links.

For anyone in the Exoconscious Coaching groups, I am also very open to sharing your story without sharing any personally identifiable info (beyond your voice or video). Totally up to you.

Have someone else in your network that you would like to invite to this project? No problem. Just email me to let me know.

As this is mostly intended for our group, please do not share links to this page in social media or other public forums.

Thank You!

– Roger