I am choosing now to embrace my essence (in this lifetime) as a mystic, channel for non-physical intelligence, and navigator of multidimensional energies.

This is what I practice. What I do both when working with clients and for my own development.

This, however, is certainly not intended to convey any notion that I have the answers to the big questions. I have a sense of things, and a great many experiences that have helped me develop my instincts and abilities – and yet, my work and exploration continues.

Below is a short list of some of the bigger (and smaller) questions I find myself exploring.

Like you perhaps, I have many thoughts and concepts regarding these questions, but am assuming I’ll be exploring most of these for who knows how many lifetimes to come…

  • Past lives and reincarnation: how does this really work? I know there’s something very real here. I have had my own recollections and integrations… know many theories and teachings, yet still wonder what this is really all about, and how it works. My sense is that there’s much more happening here than what many of us are led to believe.
  • How many people on the planet aren’t really people at all? OK, I’m guessing this sounds crazy, but it’s the kind of thing that once you see it, you cannot unsee it. And I don’t have answers.
  • What is natural vs unnatural? Setting aside dogma, definitions, and concepts – what is the real delineation here? There’s something very unsettling to me about the transhumanist movement, for example. Where is the dividing line? I can cite examples of things that seem very unnatural to me. But what is this really about? How do unnatural things truly come about in the Universe? What is the correlation to evil? Is there one core, root anomaly?
  • Consciousness and energy:  there appears to be a form of energy that is NOT about frequency. It comes from outside of the physical Universe? Tachyon Chambers anyone?
  • Channeling: We can know something “works” without understanding how or why. I have studied channeling with Sheryl Ann Noday, a well-regarded artist and trance channeler in Chicago. I have experienced the power of it in multiple format, via multiple channelers. I practice this myself for my own spiritual development. And yet – I have more questions than answers about what’s really going on here.
  • Life on Earth is a _____ (fill in the blank: Simulation, School, Prison, Game, Lab for Alien Scientists, Fear Farm for Demons). The closest I have come to really “answering” this is when I see that the real reality can be experienced by beings like us in many different ways for many different purposes. I have many thoughts and have had many experiences in regards to this question. For these reasons and more, I choose to keep a very open mind about this topic.
  • Can Technology be used for the good of humanity without leading us into a transhumanist dystopia?
  • Are octopuses aliens? If I were a betting man, I’d say yes.
  • Are Aliens alien? This is a far trickier question. And this is coming from someone who has uncovered some pretty unsettling memories from early childhood. Were those things that paralyzed me tall Mantis aliens? Demons? Figments of my imagination? Hmmm….

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