All Healing Is Self-Healing

It’s so easy to forget how much power we actually have over our state of wellbeing, across all four dimensions – the physical, emotional, mental, & spiritual.

Balance those and portals to higher realms begin to show themselves. When you are ready.

Patience, acceptance, compassion are all keys that help move you towards these places.

There are so many easy practices that can shift your energy. You don’t need half a dozen different techniques, or years of practice. You just need one that you can learn quickly, and do in a few minutes.

EFT tapping is a great example.

EFT Tapping Tutorial

Note: When I learned EFT, I learned to use the phrase “I accept myself fully and completely”. This has become a bit of a magic shortcut phrase for me over the years. Acceptance is actually a very empowered and high level of consciousness.

Spring Forest Qigong (SFQ)

For me, I’ve been getting back into Spring Forest Qigong, which has been such a gift.

There have recently been posted a series of videos of different practitioners sharing the SFQ practice with you, so if you are interested, you can easily follow along and learn on your own.

This video is from Qigong Master Chunyi Lin, the founder of Spring Forest Qigong.

HO’OPONOPONO – Original Prayer

There Are Many Ways to Shift and Balance Your Energy

If the above don’t work for you, no worries. There endless ways you can shift your energy right now, this minute:

  • go for a walk outside
  • turn off all electronic devices, and sit in the quiet for a bit
  • practice yogic or qigong breathing techniques
  • go grab a handful of rocks and just sit on the ground, emptying your mental noise and clutter into the earth
  • go for a drive and scream your heart out
  • bonus points if you end up laughing out loud at how ridiculous you might feel, or at the looks the other drivers give you, or at just how absurd this world can be

Whatever you choose – make it a choice. Notice how you feel. Take a conscious step to change your vibration, and notice the change.


We all are.

We can shift our own energy on purpose and by design, or let others shift us in ways we might not like.

Stormy and Unpredictable Energies Abound

We’re all getting hammered by chaotic waves of energy these days.

If you have empathic tendencies, you may feel like you are downing in overwhelm or pain and have no idea why.

Never forget — HEALING ENERGY is available to you at any moment in time.

Open yourself. Calm yourself. Allow yourself to receive.

Give Yourself Permission.

The clarity that can show up is awe inspiring, but in my experience, it is deeply personal – not for sharing or broadcasting. It’s not about concepts or trends or ideas.

It’s about going to the heart. Getting real. Getting honest. And coming clean.

It’s between you and God.

Forgive yourself. Forgive others. Be open and willing to grow and change.

And then find that well of inner-strength you can tap into in the coming weeks, months, and years.

This will help you to navigate the coming changes with peace in your heart.

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