Navigating Ch-Ch-Changes

What’s It All About?

Navigating change has been a central theme for both my practice as well as my own life.

In both cases, the way that I navigate has increasingly relied more and more upon heart-centered communication with spirit.

There are many forms and techniques for communicating with spirit. Whether or not you study or practice any of them consciously, there’s a good chance you have your own ways regardless, because it’s as natural as breathing in and out.

Long before putting out my shingle in the energy healing and spiritual guidance business – I was learning, experimenting, and practicing different techniques myself.

Of all of the things I have studied and practiced, there is a subset about which I feel empowered and confident enough to offer in service to others.

Today, however, I’d like to share some experiences stemming from a practice that is not my area of expertise, but is definitely an area of interest.


While there is a great deal I could say on this topic, the primary thing I’d like to share is what came through to me in late 2019.

I practice what I believe could best be described as conscious trance channeling, and do so first and foremost as a means of exploring my own un/subconscious, and perhaps also my ability to communicate with non-human intelligence.

Even though these communications have been highly impactful to me, I remain open minded and equally skeptical about what they really mean. I am especially careful and skeptical about the source of these communications.

Thankfully, they rarely if ever lay claim to being anything particularly other-worldly anyway. In fact, it can be frustrating for me personally to deal with the ambiguity that comes through in regards to “the source” question.

At best, they share some variation on the theme of “it’s not about us”.

Three Themes Were Given

Back to what came through in late 2019. There were three key themes that returned a number of times. When these come through, they are way more than words. The information that I receive feels like complete “packages” of energy and information.

For anyone familiar with the symbolic language of dreams, that’s the closest way I can describe it. It’s energy, information, data, imagery, and emotions all packed into one single complete message or communication.

When I received these, I was not aware of their respective interconnectedness. Over a year and a half later, I am really only still just beginning to “get it”.

The three topics in the fewest words possible:

  • The Hall of Mirrors
  • Overlapping Realities
  • The Fluidity of Reality

I could probably write books about each, and who knows – maybe someday I’ll give that a try. Not saying this because I am an all knowing expert on any of it, but because that’s how much remains available for us to explore and understand with each topic.

So with that disclaimer, allow me again to summarize in order to share the barest of points.

What I feel they were trying to help me with was a greater understanding that the thing we call reality is actually, in effect, a sort of mirror. Not just one, but many mirrors – reflecting back to me both my own projections, and also the projections of those around me or in my energetic circles.

The real reality is so much more than what we currently perceive. It is perhaps fractal-like in nature, holographic, infinite, intelligent, multifaceted, multidimensional, and yes – fluid.

They attempted to help me understand also that reality is far more fluid that most of us can comprehend. In fact, if we were to instantly “get it”, it could be terribly destabilizing to us. That’s how far away we are at this point in time in our evolution.

And lastly, that on my journey, I would encounter overlapping realities. These would be world views, intrinsically coherent and sound, yet conflicting with other intrinsically coherent and sound world views.

Whether this was my own un/subconscious or some other intelligence, why bring any of this to my attention? I believe it was to help prepare me for the road ahead.

At the time that this information came to me, I had no way of knowing what was coming so soon, right around the corner. I understood some of what was shared at a conceptual level, but that was about it.

Even now, I find myself reflecting on all of this with some degree of amazement.

Has it given me superhuman powers to avoid the crazy, see the future, or know the “real truth” about anything?

Nope. Not in the slightest.

So again, I ask myself… what’s the point? Why tell me these things?

Today, right here and right now, what I can share is that it does help me in three important ways:

1) Compassion

It helps me hold onto compassion for those that clearly see the world in a very different way than how I see the world.

I try not to lose myself in “us vs them” narratives. I’m a human with an ego and personality just like you. Do some people seem totally bonkers to me? Absolutely.

But when I remember these messages, I can also see how they may be experiencing truly different facets of a larger reality that I myself cannot fully perceive.

2) How to Navigate

If reality is fluid, and we’re all swimming in an ocean of energy and overlapping realities, how can one navigate this multidimensional space?

For this, I come back to other information shared with me over the years – that the heart is a transciever of multidimensional information.

A transceiver is an instrument that both sends and receives signals. An unbalanced heart sends and receives with more distortion than a healed heart. But regardless, it is always sending and receiving.

My sense is that the best way for me to navigate is to rely on this core aspect of who and what I am. When I send out signals from my heart center, the best thing I can then do is be clear and aware as those signals bounce off of things “out there” in the multidimensional All That Is.

Think for example about how echolocation works for bats or dolphins, or how radar works for meteorologists and submarine operators.

As radar can “see through” the darkness of water or the clouds in the sky, the heart can pierce through the veils of illusion.

Where the mind is lost in the hall of mirrors, the heart knows its way without hesitation or doubt.

I cannot begin to explain the amount of energy and power I have regained by learning how to move through life in this way. And the beauty is that no matter how frequently I forget to do this, it’s always right there, available anytime.

3) Knowing What Is Real, True, and Right (to and for me)

When I can embrace these messages, it’s easier for me to focus on what is real to me. I don’t fight with it as much. I don’t get as hung up in trying to make everyone’s truth fit together.

Maybe higher self can go there and see the bigger picture, but I’m here in some version of reality, and need to make my way through. My work is to remain grounded and present. Only in the present moment do I gain access to possibilities, to the infinite facets of the real reality.

As a bonus, when these lessons are with me, I’m also less triggered by others who appear to be off off in la la land. And in full transparency — this is something I need more work on 🙂 What has proven itself to me over time is that when I trust what is real to me, more often than not, I then experience beneficial outcomes.

Put more simply: when I trust my intuition, life is good!

I Got A Truth

What’s Your Truth Got to Do with Me?

I am not sharing these things in any effort to get you to see as I see, or believe as I believe. Rather, and far more importantly, I share this as a real life example of just one form that communication with spirit can take — and how that communication can help aid in navigating change.

Likewise, I share this to help clarify how communication with spirit is always a subjective, individual experience.

Just as you are an individuated aspect of the All That Is, your access to and experience of infinite intelligence is equally unique.

Perhaps with more awareness of these dynamics, we can all find greater peace being right here, right now. And at the same time, also find greater acceptance for those who are perhaps experiencing different facets of the same infinite and multidimensional “real reality”.

It is my truest understanding that whether we have been together for many lifetimes, are just coming together now, or are about to part ways for eons to come — there is much we can all learn from one another. And much we can offer up to help each of our journeys be filled with far less fear, and much greater love.

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