Energy readings, spiritual healing, and other integration services.
Starseeds image from Atlantean Source Codes work, by Roger Oney

The services below are sorted in order of how someone new to my work might benefit from proceeding.

How to book a session: I'm working on a more refined process which will result in online booking for both free and paid members, but for the time being, please utilize the contact page to request a session. Thank you!

In-Person Energy Work

If you're in the Taos area, keep an eye out - I'll be setting up in various places to offer on-the-spot hands-on (or off) energy work - chakra balancing, energy clearing, and healing. (Feel free to reach out if you're interested in specific updates about where I'll be and when).


  • Helps with physical, emotional, or spiritual pain and discomfort
  • Support for clarity, insight, and increased creativity & intuition
  • Shifts in energy about current situations that contribute to positive changes
Session length: 15-20 minutes
Suggested tip: $15 to $20
Prerequisites: None. No familiarity with my work or prior sessions are required for this type of session.


Have a tough situation you are navigating? Difficult decisions to make? Or maybe it's a super awesome situation and you're working through fears or worries, or hopes and dreams?

Whatever the case, energy readings are offered as a way for you to:

  • Gain insight and clarity into the energies at work in the situation (which may be far less than obvious while you're really "in it").
  • Discover alternative ways forward that you have not yet seen.
  • Shift your own energy about the situation by seeing it in a new and different light (which often leads to very positive ripple effects back "in the real world" :)
Session length: 50 minutes
Fee: $75
Prerequisites: None. No familiarity with my work or prior sessions are required for this type of session.

Healings & Integrations

Spiritual Healing and Integration sessions can be beneficial for a wide variety of situations. Here are a few themes to give you a sense of what can be addressed with this type of work:

  • Dealing with big life changes. For example: the death of a loved one, a significant change at work or home, a big move, or starting or ending a business.
  • Working on personal, spiritual, or wellness development goals.
  • Developing mindfulness and heartfulness practices - meditation, journaling, dreamwork, and more.
  • Empaths dealing with boundaries and overwhelm.
  • Understanding and integrating unusual experiences.
  • Working with an illness, infirmity, or ailment without a clear cause or course for treatment. (Strongly advised to do this in conjunction with and as a complement to working with a licensed medical or mental health provider).

These types of session can be a bit more intense than an Energy Reading. You may also be provided with ideas and action steps to take in order to help shift your energy.

Before signing up for this type of session, please check in with yourself to be sure you have an open mind and willingness to consider taking concrete, real-world actions to change your situation.

Session length: 60 minutes
Fee: $108
Prerequisites: A minimum of one energy reading session, and/or some other prior one-to-one work with me.

Journeys & Integrations

  • Integrate deeper, more complex, or highly unusual experiences.
  • Work together over time to really move the needle on a personal or spiritual development goal.
  • Professional development: medical providers, therapists, energy workers, and providers of all kinds who want to leverage our time together to get better at what they do.
Session Length: One hour sessions once a week or once every other week for an agreed upon number of months.
Fee: Fees and arrangements for this work is assessed on a case by case basis.
Prerequisites: Completion of at least 3 one-to-one sessions with me in the last year is strongly recommended before engaging in this level of work together.