Healing energy work and coaching services to help you get unstuck, restore balance, and get back into the flow of life energy.


Where Attention Goes, Energy Flows

Let’s get focused on finding grounded and practical ways forward. Some part of you already knows the way. Your inner-self may know, but are you able to receive?

In our work together, we’ll dig deep and bring to light whatever is needed in order to remove the obstacles that have been blocking you from greater freedom, creativity, focus, and ultimately – from living in alignment with your purpose.

Once you shift the energy of a “stuck” situation, new possibilities begin to flow into your awareness. Energy and balance are restored. Life becomes easier. Joyfulness returns.

How Does It Work?

Everything Is Energy

This includes your voice, emotions, thoughts, and dreams. In choosing to work with me, you are choosing a path of expanding your “energy awareness” on many levels. Note that there is nothing new-agey about this. In eastern cultures, for example, understanding the flow of life energy goes back thousands of years.

Energy Is Neither Created nor Destroyed, It Merely Changes Form

Like water that gathers in the clouds, falls as rain, and collects into a mountain stream – your life energy is also flowing through time/space, changing forms as it goes. 

Conscious Awareness Influences How Energy Forms

Where attention goes, energy flows. This is a key aspect of the work – following the bending river of your life energy. Where has it taken you? Where are you headed?

On the flip side, what you resist persists. Why is this? When you resist something, you match its frequency. Like a Chinese finger puzzle, you can all too easily become entangled and twisted up in the very situation you want to get out of.

What is blocking you from flowing more freely into this world?

In our work together, we explore, dive deep, enlighten and shift the energy of any area of life that is blocking you from moving forward.

After all, life is but a dream – so why not learn to dream well!

We live in an amazing time, with more wisdom and resources at our fingertips than ever before in human history.

Perhaps because of this very thing, it is more valuable than ever to find and work with a guide who can help you navigate with heart and practice with body all that you are learning with your mind.

How To Get Started

Learn & Explore

Discovery Call

$0 /20 minute call

Free zero-pressure call to explore benefits of working together.

  • Best for new clients
  • Book and manage your appointment online
feedback, Guidance, & Energy

Balancing & Integration

$125 /60 minute Call

A healing energy work call is an opportunity for us to work on anything that is throwing you out of balance.

  • Best for one-off challenges
  • Assessment of your current state of energetic balance is shared
  • Practical steps for cultivating more energy & balance in your life are offered, specific to your situation
  • Remote / distance healing energy work provided while on the call (if called for and with permission)
  • Spiritual & intuitive guidance and feedback offered
  • Additional resources offered after the session
move the needle


Varies by program

3 to 6 months of weekly sessions. Can also do every-other-week sessions. Structured program combining assessment, energy work, education, and coaching.

  • Best for bigger goals & navigating bigger life changes
  • All of the same benefits of a one-off healing & integration session
  • Program structured just for you based on your desired outcome
  • Hand picked materials, assessments, and tools provided
  • Access to coaching clients calendar with more availability than public booking calendar
  • Send emails between sessions as needed
  • More info at

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Coaching benefits

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Coaching by Video or Phone

Journey Integration
  • Integrate deeper, more complex, or highly unusual experiences.
  • Work together over time to really move the needle on a personal or spiritual development goal.
  • Professional development: medical providers, therapists, energy workers, and providers of all kinds who want to leverage our time together to get feedback, gain clarity, problem solve, and get better at what they do.

Phone or Remote Sessions

Energy Readings

Have a tough situation you are navigating? Difficult decisions to make? Or maybe it’s a super awesome situation and you’re working through fears or worries, or hopes and dreams?

Whatever the case, energy readings are offered as a way for you to:

  • Gain insight and clarity into the energies at work in the situation (which may be far less than obvious while you’re really “in it”).
  • Discover alternative ways forward that you have not yet seen.
  • Shift your own energy about the situation by seeing it in a new and different light (which often leads to very positive ripple effects back “in the real world” 🙂

Phone or Remote Sessions

Healing & Integration

Spiritual Healing and Integration sessions can be beneficial for a wide variety of situations. A few examples:

  • Working on personal, spiritual, or wellness development goals.
  • Developing mindfulness and heartfulness practices – meditation, journaling, dreamwork, and more.
  • Empaths dealing with boundaries and overwhelm.
  • Understanding and integrating unusual experiences.
  • Dealing with big life changes like the death of a loved one, or other significant changes at home or work.
  • Working with an illness, infirmity, or ailment without a clear cause or course for treatment.

What Clients Have to Say

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Amy Martinez
Sarasota, FL
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Mary Williams
Dodge City, KS
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Amanda Everett
Mount Morris, IL


Book a Discovery call Now

A discovery call is a free 20 minute call that allows us both to learn more about how I might be able to assist you on your journey of healing, integration, and spiritual growth.