“I have been struggling with some personal and professional problems over the past year and was recommended to Roger to help shift my mindset and connect with other energies to change the way I was thinking about things. I’ll just say I was blown away with how I felt after my session with Roger. I truly believe that if you come into the session with an open mind and heart, Roger will be able to help you and shed some light on your current situation. He was really able to interpret my energy in a way I’ve never experienced. “
Julianne C

“My transception session with Roger was life-changing, and as someone that practices shamanism and has embraced energy work for some time, that’s really saying something. Each listen to Roger’s recording from the session is illuminating, revealing new details and truths to help me continue to evolve with confidence and security. Expect to be wowed and walk away with a long-term resource of tremendous value, both spiritually and pragmatically. I can’t recommend the transception sessions or Roger more highly.”
Rachel White
Shamanic Practitioner and Medium, Totem Readings

“I recently explored Roger’s transception work, which is like getting advice from very advanced beings to help with how you think about and look at things, and also why you may be experiencing the same dynamics from one time period to the next. I felt that being able to ask my questions and get the sort of global and multi universal intelligence and reflection, really helped me to look at my life differently. I would do this work with Roger every week if I could, because it helps train me, rather than being a crutch I need to rely on.”
Wendy W.

“I just listened to the session again and this time I was able to hear and digest so much more – WOW – it was such a powerful session packed with so much good stuff (I laughed and I cried). I am so grateful to you – you have an amazing gift. And I do love the Elk – I needed to hear what they had to share – thank you, thank you, thank you!”
Anne C., SF Bay Area

“Thank you for facilitating my session with the “Elk”. It was truly amazing. I felt honored and blessed that such high frequency beings would take an interest in me and that they felt I was in alignment with them. They made me feel very comfortable and made it a very enjoyable experience. Their approach of leading me to find my own answers rather than providing answers was very effective. I appreciate the energy they sent and their comments and observations. They were reassuring and very insightful. I was impressed with how they understood my current situation and how compassionate they were. Their unique perspectives inspired and guided me to see my questions it ways that I had not previously done so. Applying their suggestions and answering the questions they asked have enlightened me and helped me to better understand myself and move forward on my spiritual journey. Every time I listen to the session and review your very intuitive comments I have discovered a new perspective. I am thankful for the help I received from the “Elk” and you and I look forward to our next session.”
David M, California

“Roger approaches his clients with a great deal of respect, sensitivity and calmness, and is very careful to ensure everyone is comfortable with how he delivers his message. I haven’t had a session with him where I didn’t gain new insights into myself or walk away without easy to apply practices that help me clear my mind, find more peace, and generally be more happy. Roger is totally committed to his craft which has been evidenced by his accessibility after sessions where questions or concerns have arisen.
Carol K, Chicago

Thank you for your kind, loving and gentle energy work. Your insights were very deep and helpful. Peace.”
Amanda A

“Roger is extremely grounded, insightful, intuitive, constructive, and positive. Furthermore, my experience during the session was far more tangible than any other energy work I had experienced prior. I also thought the cost was extremely fair, and was impressed that he wasn’t in the market to sell me anything additional. Roger is genuinely concerned with the wellbeing of his clients and is an inspirational human being.”
Caroline B, Chicago, Illinois

* Testimonials may refer to consultations, energy work, vocal channeling, and coaching. Please note that at this time, I am no longer providing recordings of sessions. All work and communication has become more direct, integrated, and real-time.