Ignoring Darkness Is to Live in the Dark

Attempting to live in the light all day everyday will inevitably invite more darkness. Ignoring the darkness is to live in delusion.

The funny thing about delusion is it requires energy outside of itself in order to survive. When you live in a delusional state, you will find yourself drained of all energy because so much of it is going towards keeping the delusion intact.

Simply put – a delusion is a lie. Lies take energy to keep themselves propped up.

A great example of this is a pyramid scheme. No matter how exciting the story, and no matter how many people appear to be getting rich along the way, the whole thing requires more and more energy — money and resources – to sustain itself. Everyone that buys in early becomes a part of the scheme. Weak links (doubters) contribute to its inevitable demise.

Earlier in the year when the pandemic was first rolling out, I shared my perspective that this was a time of revelation. It might feel like everything is changing, yet what is really happening is that the true nature of things is being revealed to those that choose to see.

All pyramid schemes must come to an end because they consume ever more energy than they create. Our world is full of pyramid schemes. It’s easy to focus on the ones we see in the financial world, or in the world of politics – but let’s face it, spiritual communities have always had their share as well.

Choosing to See

Truth is self-sustaining. Life energy flows where there is wholeness because it comes from outside of physical time and space.

When you are coming from a place of wholeness, you are operating from a place of power. You are tapped in. As such, you do not need to deny or ignore anything, because you are not truly threatened by anything.

When you know truth within yourself, you realize nothing can ever destroy it. If that truth arises from life energy, Source, the Great Spirit, the All That Is, God… whatever conceptual name you choose to give it, if it comes from the same source as that which gives rise to your raw awareness — then nothing inside of time and space can harm it.

Why Ignoring Darkness Is to Live in Darkness

It might help here to temporarily deactivate your brain’s morality filters… kinda like how you have to sometimes disable your antivirus program in order to download valuable software your program doesn’t yet know about.

You see, your mind is always on alert. It’s on the lookout for anything that it deems “bad”, and depending on your mood, time of day, and for all I know – which house Pluto is in – you may or may not be up for this message right now.

Since birth (and likely before that), you have been swimming in a sea of concepts. They permeate the waters of your contemporary life. The waters become clear only when you are truly and completely present, tapped into source.

Some of you inherently get the need for darkness. Others remain afraid. There is so much programming around this word, it would be easier to avoid it altogether – but in doing so, I’d be participating in the programming.

To not talk about darkness is to feed fear. To ignore darkness is to live in delusion.

The same can be said about willful ignorance in general. Anytime you choose to block out awareness of something, you are opting in to fear and delusion. Thinking that if you ignore something, it will go away is akin to a child covering their eyes believing this makes them invisible.

Maybe we all do this in one way or another. I know I have. And yet, I see more and more how deeply destructive this can be over the course of time.

Because of this, my work often involves helping to find grounded and practical ways to move towards greater awareness. This is an act of integration. A move towards wholeness.

Wholeness is always inclusive of dualities, and simultaneously greater than the sum of its parts. The whole you is comprised of both dark and light parts. Together, there is more than the parts contain in themselves. More power. More awareness.

While I get the whole manifestation and law of attraction thing, it’s self-destructive to ignore parts of the whole. When the whole is broken up – whether that be the whole of consciousness, the whole of the earth, or the whole you — this is literally an act of disintegration. And dis-integration leads to dis-ease. It is a break in the flow of life energy.

To use one’s power to focus only on “the light” is like believing there’s only one side to the moon.

If you had any idea what the other side of the moon has to offer you, quite literally, in terms of your awareness, development, and expansion – then you might be less energized in your efforts to slice and dice your reality.

This kind of dis-integration is everywhere. It’s a habit we’ve all been taught. It’s a way of thinking that is valued, embraced, and rewarded. And it can be incredibly uncomfortable when you begin to break free from it.

In other words, it’s like an addiction. It consumes greater and greater amounts of energy as you work harder and harder to block out more and more of the whole of reality. You’ll work consciously or unconsciously to block out all the parts you don’t like. All of the things that “don’t resonate”. The more you fight, the more they show up. Funny how that works.

Breaking things apart in your mind is an act of force, not power.

A powerful awareness is one that can see things as they truly are. And most of the time, things are complex, interconnected, holistic in nature. The analytical mind doesn’t do well with wholeness. It needs pieces and parts to work with. It craves a puzzle the way a dog wants a bone.

This isn’t good or bad. It just is.

What you do with it is where things get interesting.

Anytime something comes into your awareness, the most empowered thing you can do is to experience it in its wholeness. To accept it as it is. Acceptance is the gateway to self-mastery. When you are able to be truly present, even for a short period of time, you can experience more of the world as it is vs as you believe it to be or want it to be.

To experience something is just that. To be in its presence. You don’t have to like it, dislike it, judge it, analyze it, etc… those are all habits. You tell story after story because the physical mind loves to make noise and stay busy. And it wants to keep you safe from anything it doesn’t understand or can’t control.

The physical, analytical mind cannot understand wholeness because it itself is not whole. The All of You can and does vibe with the All of Life. The Whole You is what perceives wholeness is the world around you.

What is this All of You? This Wholeness? One word that comes to mind is simply Presence itself. Pure Awareness.

To be truly present and silent can be terrifying for some, even if for a short period of time. Silence and darkness are often a package deal.

Most of the time, it’s not the silence or darkness that frightens, but rather all of the stored-up, unprocessed “stuff” that the mind has been hiding away for years and years and years. In the silence, it speaks. In the darkness, it comes to light.

This is one way that the scariness of the dark becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy, leading you into greater delusion.

What’s 96 Percent of the Universe Made Of?

Here’s a fascinating thing to consider: All of the stars, planets and galaxies that scientists know of today makes up just 4 percent of the universe.

What is the other 96 percent of the Universe made of?

The real and true answer is — we do not know.

But the practice of science leads them to at least give it a name. As such, they have decided to call these mysterious substances dark energy and dark matter.

“Though no one has a good idea of what dark energy is, or why it exists, it is the force that appears to be counteracting gravity and causing the universe to accelerate in its expansion.”

“Overall, dark energy is thought to contribute 73 percent of all the mass and energy in the universe. Another 23 percent is dark matter, which leaves only 4 percent of the universe composed of regular matter, such as stars, planets and people.”

— from: What’s 96 Percent of the Universe Made Of? Astronomers Don’t Know at Space.com

The Fluid Nature of Reality

4% of the Universe is made up of this stuff we call “matter”. Solid matter is mostly empty space with some atoms in the mix, all of which is in a constant, buzzing, vibratory state. The other 96% of the Universe? Who knows.

In my inner work, I have received the message that reality is far more fluid than most of us (including myself) are ready to accept, understand, and work with.

When these messages were first coming through, I resisted. Why? Because they forced me to look beyond the solid things of life.

Over the course of time, I’ve come to realize that the fluidity of reality is all around me all of the time. Things aren’t as solid as they seem. Reality itself shifts in strange and unexpected ways.

How much of this thing we call reality is simply us collectively and unconsciously recreating a familiar landscape?

Ahhh… there’s the LOOP!

Grounding This Awareness into Practice

Acceptance is a high level of consciousness. Being aware of the loop is a big advantage, especially with what is coming our way.

A storm is neither good nor bad. It just is.

Being caught out in a storm or being unprepared? Those can be terrible experiences. Knowing a storm is coming, being ready for the power to go out for a bit… having some food in the pantry? These are ways to weather the storm and maybe even find some joy along the way.

Recognizing the fluid nature of reality means accepting and working with the understanding that storms come and go. It means accepting that there is much we don’t know. Even the exact same storm can produce drastically different experiences and outcomes for the people that go through them.

In a broader context, the fluid nature of reality has profound implications when it comes to healing work.

When I practice Qigong, for example, one of the affirmations I work with is “I Am Completely Healed”.

Of course, my analytical mind knows that I have this or that challenge that will likely be there after the session. (That’s the loop I’m stuck in.) So I tell my analytical mind to be completely open to the possibility that for moments during my Qigong session, I actually AM completely healed. I work to give myself permission to heal completely.

Even if I do “snap back” into the loop — that doesn’t take away from those moments of complete wholeness.

This is such an instrumental practice. Even a tiny little moment in time where you can tap into your higher self… where your true spiritual power is flowing into your life… these moments can and do produce tremendous ripple effects whether you are consciously aware of them or not.

It means that your traumas, injuries, and imbalances are transmutable. Everything can change, even if nothing has changed. Everything in the world of forms is always in motion.

We are well served to remember that energy is neither created nor destroyed, it merely changes form. How can we influence those changes?

We have the greatest beneficial influence over that process when we are working in alignment with our higher / whole selves. To do that, we must see the world for what it is. As it is.

You may choose to bring the light, but why not bring the brightest light possible? How bright is your light if you’re expending energy resisting parts of yourself, others, ideas, or old wounds or trauma? What good is your light doing for the world if you avoid the dark places that need it the most?

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