Unusual Experiences

Throughout the site, you may see references to “unusual experiences”. So what do I really mean by this ambiguous phrase?

As you might guess, it’s simply shorthand to refer to any number of experiences a person might have that just don’t fit our current paradigm.

More detailed information is provided below for site members.

Examples of Unusual Experiences

  • Contact with entities perceived to be angels, demons, extra-terrestrials, or something else altogether.
  • Spontaneous awareness of a past life, an existence in another dimension, or on a different planet.
  • Profound life-changing shifts in awareness from working with plant medicines, or as a result of some other spiritual practice.
  • Feeling attacked spiritually or energetically.
  • Disruptive and unexpected psychic or pre-cognitive experiences.

Do people with mental illness have experiences like these? Sure, I am guessing some do. Do people with no history of or risk for mental illness have these experiences? Absolutely. More than most people would ever guess.

But there are a great many problems with ever sharing them with anyone. And as a result, a great many gifts of understanding and awareness go unreceived, unprocessed, and remain in the dark.

If we work together on anything like this, here are a few notes about my approach:

  • If I feel that you are physically or mentally unstable or are in any way at risk of harming yourself or others – I cannot work with you until you are in a better place. This does not mean that I do not believe you. It just means that I am honoring my commitment to operating as safely as possible, and to be honest with you in the process.
  • Understand up front, I have varying degrees of experience with unusual phenomena. Setting aside experience, I have few solid answers. So I am not offering my services as a way of telling you what you are experiencing or why. Rather, I am working with you to help you integrate and find (or make) meaning for what is happening to you.
  • At a minimum, I can be a compassionate and non-judgmental witness. Beyond that, my work is to help you heal, integrate, and grow through these experiences.

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