I envision a world where people experience their connection to spirit in everything they do. A world in which everyone is increasingly responsible (response-able) for their own health and wellness. A world where health is understood in the context of the whole human being, including the role of life energy and the soul’s journey. I envision a world where we are all free to share and learn from one another’s stories of the human experience.


My mission is to facilitate conversations that help expand our collective consciousness. To listen to others so that I can reflect back to them their divine spark. To bridge the space between worlds so that spirit and life energy can more easily move through us and our creations, restoring integration, balance, and wholeness in the process.


The good, the true, and the beautiful.

Here at High Mesa Mystic, we celebrate living life in the question, creativity, courage, openness, free speech & free spirit, the act of listening, personal / individual sovereignty, personal responsibility for health and wellness, and human creativity as a spark from the divine.